5th grade

We use textbooks and workbooks from Realidades 1A and Santillana 1A.


I can talk about:

  • Greetings.

  • Formal and informal greetings.

  • Numbers.

  • Verbs ( I/you like, I/you need, I/you know, I/you plan, etc.+ activity).

  • Agreement between article, noun and adjective.

  • Extensive vocabulary

  • The six pronouns.

  • The verbs ser and estar.

  • Present tense of the AR, ER, IR verbs.

Practice Links:
Practice your vocabulary by clicking the links below:


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Spanish Flashcards

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Practice numbers 1-100

 Santillana 1A

Greetings and goodbyes-click here to practice

Greetings and goodbyes-Quizlet-click here to practice

Classroom objects-click here to practice

Days of the week, months and numbers up to 31-click here for practice

Classroom objects, dates, months and numbers-Quizlet-click here for practice

El horario escolar-telling time and subject areas-click here for practice

El horario escolar- telling time and subj areas-Quizlet-click here for practice

weather and seasons-click here for practice

Desafío 1 (part 1)-people, familiy members & subject pronouns-click here

Desafío 1 (people and family only)-Quizlet- click here for practice

Desafío 1 (all vocabulary)-click here for practice

Desafío 1 (all vocabulary)-Quizlet-click here for practice

Desafío 2 -adjectives (physical and personality traits)

Desafío 3- Practice with -ar verbs (chores and other common verbs)


Desafío 4: verb estar, expressions with tener and emotions

Desafío 4: Practice conjugating tener and estar

Practice with ar,er and ir verbs (chores + some other commonly used verbs)

Practice with ar, er and ir verbs (chores + other verbs)-QUIZLET

Realidades 1A

Capítulo 1A-practice vocabulary-like and dislikes

Capítulo 1A-Quizlet-practice with likes and dislikes

Capítulo 1B-practice vocabulary-descriptions-adjectives

Capítulo 1B-Quizlet-practice adjectives-articles-verb ser

Capítulo 2A-practice vocabulary-el horario escolar