El Departamento de Español

SEPTIEMBRE (September)
¡Bienvenidos! Welcome back to school! We are so excited to teach your children Spanish this year and have lots of fun activities planned. Our Spanish department has grown and we are happy to welcome Mr. Thompson (1st-8th) and Mrs. Thompson (1st - 6th). They will be joining Mrs. Obregon (1st - 8th), Mrs. Bourdo (7th-8th) and Mrs. Lawritson (K). 
Our goal for our Spanish program is to teach students Spanish in a meaningful way and expose them to different Spanish-speaking cultures. 
We began the year by reviewing concepts such as greetings and colors in grades K-4 and you can see what we have planned for September below. Please note that grades 6th - 8th have a variety of classes and move at different paces. You will receive periodic updates from your child's Spanish teacher via email. 

If you ever have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! You can find contact information under the "Spanish Teachers" tab.

Kindergarten:  Days of the week & numbers 

1st Grade:      Days of the week & numbers  

2nd Grade:     Numbers & classroom objects

3rd Grade:      Numbers (1-30) & classroom objects

4th Grade:     Unit 1: Numbers and colors and students will learn some basic verbs about what they like                        to do. 

5th Grade
(Realidades 1A):
  Classroom objects and numbers

5th Grade 
(Santillana 1A):  Ch. 1A: Students will be able to express likes and dislikes + activity as well as negative 
                         and positive words with agreement and disagreement.